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Soccer Made in Portland: The all questions, few answers edition

There was so much feedback this week, we handed the show over to you, allowing us to address every possible explanation for the Timbers’ slow start.

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MLS: Portland Timbers at FC Cincinnati Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

If there is one rule that the new(ish) Soccer Made in Portland lives by, it’s this: When one of Portland’s professional team concedes 10 goals in three games, the listeners get to program the show.

That’s why we handed the reins to you, taking questions from front to back of the Timbers’ segment, trying to address every theory possible explaining the teams’ (euphemism alert) lackluster start.

Also: A quick update on the Thorns — to the extent that there can be any real updates in preseason — and chatter about T2’s start, with the team opening their home slate this weekend at Merlo after picking up four points on the road.

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