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Teaching Timbers

A brief history lesson on who the Timbers are, where they originated, and how they came to be an MLS club. Also includes details on how MLS functions as a league.

The Evolution of Soccer

MLS and Soccer in America has evolved quite a bit in the last 5 years. We talk to soccer expert Sean Reid about all the changes in the last 5 years.

Teaching Timbers: Cascadia Cup - What it is and Why it matters

A look into what the Cascadia Cup is and why it's so important for the Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders and Vancouver Whitecaps

Teaching Timbers: The Difference Between "Promoted" and "Expansion"

Timbers head coach John Spencer keeps referencing the Portland Timbers as being a "promoted" team. Here's what he means exactly.

Teaching Timbers: Timbers Army Q&A

Last week, Timbers Army president Dave Hoyt offered his knowledge up to anybody who had a question. Here is an archived list of the questions and answers.

Teaching Timbers: An American League Playing an International Sport

As the Timbers head into MLS, there are a host of international tournaments we can take part in. A primer on what and how we can take our club to the international level.

Teaching Timbers: How MLS Works

A brief, yet comprehensive guide to MLS from the stance of a new Portland Timbers fan.

Teaching Timbers Part 1: A Brief History Lesson

To help people unfamiliar with pre-MLS Timbers, here's part 1 in our series of "Teaching Timbers."