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Play The Kids: 2017 Episode 18

Jeremy Ebobisse
I have scored. May I score many more.
Roscoe Myrick

It’s another episode of Play The Kids!

There was hope again. If T2 were going to get a home win this season, it was going to be against a really bad LA II side. But as awful as LA II was, T2 went “hold my beer” mode in the defense.

As apocalyptic as the defense has been, the offense seems to be turning a corner though. 6 goals in 2 games, Jeremy Ebobisse getting his first club goal and an assist, Farfan getting a pair of assists. Hopefully this trend can continue. But the defense will need to stop leaking goals like a sieve first.

Up next, T2 host the 3rd place team in the west Swope Park Rangers. New home to one Kharlton Belmar. This Sunday, July 16th, 2pm, Providence Park. Anything could happen, and maybe even Larrys Mabiala gets a run out with T2 to stretch his legs ahead of the first team home match on Wed July 19th.

Thank you for listening!

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