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Play The Kids: 2017 Episode 19

Victor Arboleda
It’s Arboleda!
Roscoe Myrick

It’s another episode of Play The Kids!

This week, I’m solo. Josh was unable to record so it’s just me going off about stuff for almost an hour. There is good information though in this episode. I briefly discuss the 1-0 loss to Swope Park (identical result to the 1st time we played them this season including the goal scorer Kharlton Belmar).

And I fully discuss the MLS extreme hardship rules, and go over every first team roster play and their current/potential status. Bottom line is depending on how the Canada vs Jamaica result turns out today, Timbers might be learning just how the extreme hardship call ups work.

Up next for T2, a road game in Reno. The heat, altitude and the fact that Reno is good and T2 is bad should shape up for an expected result.

Thank you for listening!

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