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Report: Darixon Vuelto leaves the Timbers

An unhappy Darixon Vuelto returns to his former club, Real Espana, on a year-long loan.

Darixon Vuelto warming up, May 26th vs. Real Monarchs.
Kris Lattimore

When rumors of Darixon Vuelto signing on loan with the Portland Timbers hit late last February, Timbers fans were surprised, considering the number of nines already on the books: Adi, Armenteros, Ebobisse and Langsdorf were all on first team contracts. Upon learning that he would be playing for Timbers 2 instead of the first team, so was Vuelto.

In an article published Tuesday in Honduras, it was reported that 20-year-old Vuelto wanted out when it was clear to him that he would not be seeing first-team minutes. He says he did not feel supported by the team. After playing in nine matches for Timbers 2, he returned to Honduras, goalless. Vuelto is on a one-year loan to Real Espana, where he scored ten goals in 28 appearances during the 2017-18 Liga Nacional season.

Had Vuelto stuck it out in Portland, he may have wound up playing with the first team. Jamie Golberg reported in The Oregonian at the time of his signing that the Timbers planned to sign him to a first team contract in the 2019 season.