PHI Eagles Owner Quote


"Who had the final say in firing Tom Gamble?!" Lurie looked right at McLane. "It was my decision," Lurie said unemotionally. And so it went, the demanding and the answering and the parrying. Say this for the media: They got answers to questions everyone in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley have been asking for two months. Kelly didn’t trust Roseman as a football guy. Lurie fired Gamble. Lurie gave Kelly full control over the football operations. LeSean McCoy wasn’t the style of running back Kelly preferred. "It was all my call," said Lurie, beginning his time on the Arizona griddle. "I’ve lived through a lot of divisional championships, a lot of playoff appearances, a lot of final four appearances. But our goal is further than that. We want to deliver a Super Bowl. Sometimes, maybe I’m influenced by the notion that it’s very difficult to get from good to great. And you’ve got to take some serious looks at yourself when you want to try to take that step. It’s a gamble to try to go from good to great because you could go from good to mediocre with changes. But I decided it was important enough to adopt the vision and philosophy of integrating the scouting with the coaching on a daily basis. … Chip had a vision of exactly how we could get from good to great. And I thought it was a really sound vision. He’s a very bright guy. He’s all about football. He’s all about wanting to win big. It made so much sense."