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Rest easy, Foster: Langsdorf safely out of surgery

With a three-month recovery time, he should ready by preseason.

Kris Lattimore

After a rookie season playing for Timbers 2, in which the first-team homegrown earned 14 goals and four assists in 30 appearances, Foster Langsdorf successfully underwent surgery to repair his right lateral meniscus, a pad of cartilage in the knee. Recovery time to fully return to playing sports from this procedure is estimated at three months, which gives the striker plenty of time to get fit for next season.

Langsdorf joined the Portland Timbers Academy in 2012, where he trained until joining the Timbers U23 side from 2014–16.

During this time, he attended Stanford University, where he played alongside Jordan Morris and RSL’s José Hernández. Foster scored 37 goals in 82 appearances during his time there, and was named the Pac-12 Conference Men’s Soccer Player of the Year two years in a row: 2016 and 2017. Jordan Morris received this honor in 2015, and José Hernández shared it with Foster in 2016.

Langsdorf worked hard to improve his game this season, putting in extra hours both on and off the training pitch. To recover in time for the 2019 season, we can expect Foster to continue to do the same. Rest easy, Foster.