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Remember the last time that the Portland Timbers faced Sporting Kansas City in the Playoffs?

The Portland Timbers line up in anticipation of their penalty shootout against Sporting Kansas City in the 2015 knock out round.
Roscoe Myrick

Just a few short hours from now the Portland Timbers will face off against Sporting Kansas City in the first leg of the 2018 Western Conference Final. The match promises to be an exciting one as the Timbers will pit their counter attack against Kansas City’s press in a bid to represent the West in the MLS Cup Final on December 7th.

As we wait for today’s match to kick off, let’s take a look back to the last time that the Timbers and SKC met in the playoffs.

It was a crazy, back and forth match that dangled disappointment in front of Timbers fans over and over again, only to replace it at the last moment with destiny.

It was the Double Post game and MLS put together a history of it back at the start of the playoffs this year that is sure to get you all psyched up for today’s match.

That. Was. Something.

For a further taste, swing back by our match gallery from the day, shot by the one and only Roscoe Myrick.

And to finish tiding you over until it is game time once again, check out the Timbers’ video running down just how they got back to the Western Conference finals in 2018.