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Play The Kids: 2018 Episode 3

Modou Jadama
Bennett Dewan

Now that the T2 season has started up I’ll start to post the episodes here again. Today Episode 3 has come out. Josh and I discuss the loss at Tacoma and how T2, despite the loss, actually look like they might play some soccer this year. Don’t let the loss get you down and headed into this weekend, don’t expect a win at altitude in Colorado either. But above all, don’t think this is going to be another 2017 with this team.

Play The Kids has returned for 2018 better than ever. We have our own website now as we joined the Beautiful Game Network and gained some sponsors. I’m also more active in the USL as a whole since joining The USL Show as a co-host this season and I will continue to build my knowledge of the ever expanding league. So don’t forget to go to our new website and subscribe! We are now on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher so you can find us on more platforms than in the past. If you subscribed via iTunes in the past, you will want to unsubscribe to the old feed, visit, and subscribe to the new iTunes feed in order to get the automatic notifications and new episodes. And if you are interested in the USL in general, go check out the USL Show and subscribe!

Enjoy reading? I will also be returning a regularly scheduled T2 column this season. Still working on a name for it and determining the schedule, but it will start soon. With the front office appearing to renew their interest and investment in T2 and their performances, so shall Stumptown Footy renew and build our coverage of T2 going forward.

Now, enjoy PTK 2018: Episode 3! (Episodes 1 and 2 can be found on our website!)