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Play The Kids: 2018 Episode 8

Kris Lattimore

Thank you to everyone who listened to our last episode! I hope we gained some new followers as we have a lot more in store this season. This week though is just a quick recap. At the time we recorded T2 defeated S2 with a last second goal to keep gaining points. It is some uncharted territory holding this high in the western conference.

Josh also follows up with the latest in the 4th division as the NPSL and USL PDL seasons have begun in earnest, as well as the US Open Cup results for the lower division teams.

Our next episode will be out next Friday. The plan is to have T2 player, Josh Phillips, on (all the approval is obtained just have to get a time scheduled with him). If the timing doesn’t work out we will get him on the show right after that. We’ll also have 3 T2 games to review, so look forward to that one!

Thank you for listening!