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Reported Timbers target Brian Fernandez spat at a fan in Monterrey

Will Fernandez’s potential future at the Timbers be affected by his outburst?

Santos Laguna v Necaxa - Torneo Clausura 2019 Liga MX Photo by Manuel Guadarrama/Getty Images

Brian Fernandez, a name well known by Portland Timbers’ faithful after weeks of transfer rumors, put on a shocking display in what might have been his last game with Mexican side Necaxa. Unfortunately, the shock had little to do with his actual performance on the field (he scored a goal!), and everything to do with how he left it: via red card.

Here’s a summary from our SBNation sister blog, FMF State of Mind:

Brian Fernandez appeared to be substituted off for Necaxa, only for the Argentine to come back onto the pitch as the player who he was supposedly coming on for him suddenly had a problem with his shoelaces.

The referee showed Fernandez a yellow card for coming back onto the pitch, and after Fernandez literally grabbed the ref’s arm and tried to pull it down, the ref fished out a red card and sent Fernandez to an early shower. Did Fernandez go quietly? Of course not.

Fernandez’s outburst didn’t stop there, however, as he allowed himself to be goaded by a fan while leaving the pitch. Here’s the video of the incident:

While I don’t know exactly what was said (the video is noisy and also I don’t speak Spanish), it appears that a fan yelled something down at Fernandez, and then Fernandez responded by spitting up at the fan. The fan then threw what looked like a crumpled plastic cup at him, which Fernandez promptly threw back. While no suspension has been handed out yet, the Mexican disciplinary committee is investigating the incident.

Timbers fans were quick to share their opinions about their potential new designated player’s conduct.

What do you think? Does this change your opinion of Fernandez joining the club? Let us know in the comments!