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Portland Thorns unveil bold new 2023 jerseys

The new kit the internet cannot stop talking about is finally here.

Craig Mitchelldyer-Portland Thorns

You’ve probably seen the leaks. And you’ve probably seen the jokes.

Well now you can see it for real.

The Portland Thorns dropped they new jersey for the 2023 season, and it is boldest look in NWSL this year — and perhaps the boldest ever.

There are a myriad of features that contribute to the unique look of the jerseys.

The jersey is “[R]ooted in the city and inspired by its artistry,” according to the Thorns press release, and features tattoo-inspired designs throughout the shoulders and chest of the shirt. Roses adorn both shoulders, with thorns and smaller roses featuring on the front.

For the first time in history, the Thorns crest is placed centrally on the jersey. Three stars ascend vertically from the crest: two located in the middle of a knife design that encompasses the crest, and a third red one to signify Portland’s latest triumph in the 2022 NWSL Championship located above the knife design right below the collar.

Craig Mitchelldyer-Portland Thorns

The crest itself is unique, as it is a the club’s original logo from when the NWSL launched in 2013. The “Heritage Mark” features the original red, black, and green design from the team’s early years in the NWSL. The Portland soccer motifs of “Rose City ‘Til I Die” and “By Any Other Name” also hover over the crest.

The callback of the logo is not lost on Thorns general manager Karina LeBlanc, who is a fan of the new kits. “We are excited about the unique and creative features of our new kit,” LeBlanc said via press release. “As a former Thorns FC player, I appreciate the historical elements highlighted by the original logo and the acknowledgement of the club’s first season in the NWSL. I look forward to seeing our players represent the city and our fans while wearing this special kit.”

With the reveal, the Thorns also unveiled the full uniform, which features green shorts and white socks, both adorned with unique logos and motifs. The jerseys will be worn exclusively with the green shorts — the Thorns will not be wearing white shorts with the new secondary kit.

Craig Mitchelldyer-Portland Thorns

The Thorns will continue to wear their black jerseys with red hoops during the 2023 season in addition to the new jerseys.

The kit has elicited a variety of strong reactions from all corners of the internet. Everyone, whether they are fans or Portland or not, has logged their take. Whether you love it or hate it, or land somewhere in between, the new kit is here. And the NWSL champs will be sporting a certainly unique and different look as they seek to defend their crown.

You can read the team’s full press release and see additional photos of the jersey on the players here.