Year-to-year change in team salary vs points, 2013-2014


Ouch. But it's even worse for Houston, San Jose, and Montreal.

MLS 2014 points vs team salaries


I guess splashing the $ didn't get more points for Toronto.

Timbers 2014 Goals


Below is a plot of the Timbers 2014 goals and goals of their opponents by minute. Included also is the difference by minute, and total. Two big takeaways- The timbers score early, and late. A 1/4 of their goals come in the first 15 minutes. Half their goals come after minute 65. That leaves a huge gap of 40 minutes (almost half the game) where they only score 1/4 of their goals. What does this all mean? I'll leave that to smarter persons than I. Why did I bother to plot this? I was curious if the narrative that Timbers always have to come from behind rang true. It sort of does, but we can score right out of the gate too!



WJ on yelling at teammates.

Dumbest question of the day


Ever wondered what happened? Nah. Good riddance to bad fish. Thanks I've lost my appetite.

Eureka! The real 2014 allocation order


Unearthed from the dingy dumpster behind the Don's favorite sandwich shop, the real allocation order for this season.



Revisiting a Bass-style with StF as the theme

MLS game day ball!


Adidas released their Brazil 2014 WC ball. MLS has now released a pic of the 2014 ball. No surprise Adidas uses their MLS partnership to push the ball in MLS. This might give the USMNT MLSers a minor advantage having played with the ball for several months.



Greetings Portland Fans: I am fortunate enough to travel up from SLC and attend upcoming second leg at Jeld-Wen. This will be my first time in Portland. Any recommendations on some of your favorite places to eat? I have looked up some places online, but I would prefer a place you members of the community would recommend. I will be staying near pioneer square, about a half mile from the grounds.