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Jack Jewsbury is a Legend.

Legends have stories.

We have collected those stories from former teammates, friends, and fans alike ahead of Captain Jack's final regular season game in front of the Timbers Army.

Without further ado: Jack Jewsbury, Portland Timbers Legend.

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Caleb Porter, head coach of the Timbers

It is going to be bittersweet. I have had four good years with Jack and he is just a top class guy and a top class professional. There will never be another guy like Jack Jewsbury, just with the way that he approaches everything and the character that he has. You'd like to have eleven Jack Jewsburys in all the time.

He's so understated and humble you probably haven't found many stories, but the memories that I have of Jack are when we needed him most, he stepped up. I look at that Colorado game last year, the San Jose game; those goals were key goals and it seems like he comes out of nowhere.

He's a guy that goes about his business -- he's very understated -- but then he will come up with a big play in a big moment. I'm hoping that he comes up with a couple of big plays here in his final games as a Timber. And if I am a guessing man, I think there is a little bit of a story yet to write here with Jack Jewsbury. I think he is going to step up and give us something to leave everybody with in his final year.

Shawn Levy (@ShawnLevy), board member Operation Pitch Invasion & Timbers Army pioneer

Jack Jewsbury is a model professional, full stop.

He has played every role asked of him without any evident grousing. He has adhered to the system whatever the system has been. He has taken his chances in the pinch and, often, converted them. He has provided stability on the pitch and off. He has shown up for community events and rolled up his sleeves. He has greeted fans with good cheer and honest character. He has been a role model for his teammates and for youth players. He has been a rock, a pillar, an exemplar, the type of guy you wish you could have several of on every team.

We are so very fortunate to have had him as our captain and, more so, as our neighbor.

Jorge Villafana (@JVillafana19), former Timbers left back

He was one of the most humble players I ever played with, a great soccer player that had an amazing fútbol career, best of luck in the next chapter of your life. I know you'll be as successful as you were with your fútbol career.

Gavin Wilkinson, general manager of the Timbers

It's what everyone else would say and I'm no different: I would just say that he's a quality person, a quality player, great for the club, and somebody that is accountable. He shows that in the way that he lives his life, he shows that in the way that he plays, and he really is just a superb person to help bring a club through its initial stages in MLS. He was an experienced player when we got him and on and off the field he has been a quality professional.

Mark Parsons (@mparsons_1), coach of the Portland Thorns, fashionable man

Although I’ve been in Portland for a short amount of time, it’s been very clear that Jack has been an exceptional role model for the Timbers, the organization, the city of Portland, and soccer in MLS. Listening to what others say about him as a professional and as a person is truly inspiring. I have loved watching Jack play and I admire his pure passion for doing whatever it takes to help the team win. Every team dreams of having a player and person like Jack.

Michelle Betos (@MichelleBetos), current Portland Thorns goalkeeper

As a part of this club, you quickly realize that both on and off the field the standards are set very high. All of us take such pride in putting on the Portland uniform and in representing this special place. Players like Jack embody all that we strive to be during our time here. He has given his all to the club, and it is so apparent in his play how much it means to him. I admire him greatly for the way he played any and every role given to him and for how instrumental he was in bringing a championship to soccer city.

Patrick Chizeck (@chizeck), co-host of "Riveting: A Portland Thorns Podcast," member of the Timbers Army Flag Crew and one of the founding members of the Rose City Riveters.

Team captain, club captain, starter, or on the bench, it doesn't matter. Jack Jewsbury has been the rock that the Timbers have been built upon. His steadying influence on the pitch and in the locker room has been as valuable as his versatility and dependability, and has set an example that continues to inspire both girls and boys to be the best that they can be and to never, ever give up.

Kip Kesgard (@KipKesgard) community blogger

If there ever was a player that embodied what it means to be a Timber, it is Jack. He has done everything asked of him as a player on and off the pitch, and I am proud to have witnessed his play since he joined the team. I will miss seeing him out there.

Chris Rifer (@ChrisRifer), co-host Soccer Made in Portland, Stumptown Footy contributor

It’s hard to imagine a more faithful servant to the club than Jewsbury. When the Timbers needed him to be a star, he was a star. When the Timbers needed him to be a leader, he was a leader. And when the Timbers needed him to be a cog, he was a cog. For the last six years. Jewsbury more than capably filled whatever role the Timbers needed him to fulfill.

Gus Rachels (@GusRachels) co-host Jacks and Roses Podcast, freelance motion designer for Bleacher Report UK,

Having jumped onto the Timbers bandwagon later than most, around 2013, I didn't see Jack Jewsbury in his captaincy with the team, but his importance to the club was still crystal clear. He's a true leader and is able to grind out performances and results through sheer willpower (just think of his two late game-winners in '15). He's given everything he has to the sport, to the club, and to the city, on a daily basis. He retires our first MLS legend and will leave a hole in the club when he goes.

C.I. DeMann (@CIDemann), semi-decent soccer writer [], overly-enthusiastic radio DJ, occasionally-competent novelist, world-class eater of pies.

Over the course of six years, what hasn't Jack Jewsbury done for the Timbers? When we needed a veteran to lead a brand new locker room? Show the newbies how to survive in the big leagues? Jack did it. Midfield? Backline? Wings? Jack's played 'em all. Be the team's offensive creator? Then switch to defensive anchor? Jack's done that. Be a fabulous captain, then give up the armband? Jack did it with class. Get written off as too old? Too slow? Jack's done that pretty much every year. Step in when the young and the fast aren't cutting it? Also an annual event.

I'm not sure Jack's ever been our best player. But our most important player? I'd say yes.

A house cannot stand without a foundation. Jack Jewsbury's spent six years laying this team's foundation. As time passes, we will see many great players wear the green and gold, but every single one of them will owe a debt to Jack Jewsbury. The Portland Timbers are the house that Jack built.

Sunday (@Sun_Daze_11), capo, knitter of cool stuff at

I am a dork. I always just quote dead poets society. "O captain, my captain!" I know he will be missed. He has been with us through some real drama, some highs and lows. Not to be forgotten, for sure....

Jeanderson Salvador (@JeandersonPere5), former Timbers full back and all around gentleman

I know Jack is a good friend. I don't have many stories because I was with Jack only in the Timbers on games and training but Jack is a good player, he's always happy and he always danced in the locker room.

Futty Danso (@Futty98), former Timbers center back

I honestly think Jack's trade from Kansas to Portland could be one of the best trades Portland will make. At the time we needed an experienced player that had been around the league to guide the team. He fit that bill and he lived up to expectations. He is an honest, straight-forward leader on and off the field. He set great examples as a leader and captain.

The Timbers will miss him as a player and leader. It will be very hard to replace the quality of a player like Jewsbury. Actually, not only Portland that will miss the quality and loyal service as a player, but MLS is also losing a great player and ambassador for the league.

Donovan Ricketts, former Timbers goalkeeper

The most humble person I've had the pleasure of sharing the locker room and the field with. You had a good run club, Captain Jack.

Pa-Modou Kah, former Timbers center back, current Whitecaps FC 2 player/coach, legendary vinemaker

Jack is what I’d like to call a true professional. Rare in my 20 years of football. As a family man he’s unbelievable. When I think of the Portland Timbers, his name is the first name that comes up. I’m truly blessed to have two years with him. I told him he should be a coach but I don’t think he’ll go there. Whatever he does he will he will be successful.

Captain Jack has jokes, he’s got sarcastic jokes, it’s always good to share a laugh with Jack in the locker room.

Jon McGuire (@FWjmcg), curiously obsessive about referees (writer of Better Know a Ref), not that bad a guy

What can you say about Captain Jack that hasn't already been said? Hero, villain, back and forth until he's gone. Lost a step. Doesn't have the gas anymore. Can't lead when he's not on the field. Why did we re-sign this guy? Past it. Over the bar. Under pressure. He has been through it all, and still keeps smiling. More importantly he keeps working. Maybe he's working even harder than ever. Behind closed doors, in the back room, the guy behind the guy. Salty after a loss, sweet behind the mic. Last minute goal, back door, roof of the net, laser from outside the eighteen. Volleyed, bungled, burgled, headed home or slipped away cool as you like. The second run, ghosting in, crashing the box. Bringing the heat. Tidy on the ball. Slipping one past.

This club only has one captain. Only that man can make Darlington cry.

I shook his hand once. He was shorter than I expected, only about 10 feet tall, giant in my eyes still. In the other hand he had a to-go tray full of coffees. It was 3 hours to game time, he was out injured. He was getting coffees for the guys. He said he'd be back. I wanted to believe him, but I had my doubts. As it turns out, he has a pretty big cup. Always was, always is, always will be. Nice soul patch by the way, Captain Jack. Now ride off into the sunset, like the hero you are.

Morrisonic Podcast (@Morrisonicpod), Pat & Pete, Proprietors,

Who would have thought a guy from Joplin Missouri would make us so proud to be from Portland.

Soccer Touchdown (@soccertouchdown), JP (@JPTimbers) & Zippy (@ZippyTimbers)

My favorite Jack Jewsbury moment involved Ishmael Yartey, most underrated Timber of all time (he deserves a championship ring). Arguably, if JJ doesn't put that away, we don't go on that run to the final. The man is clutch! 89th minute goal to win on the road to Colorado, in a crucial victory. It laid the path to future glory.

Roscoe Myrick (@Shotboxer), photographer for

Jack is often described by what is he isn't: he isn't fast, he isn't young, etc. etc. But I think that does a bit of a disservice to what Captain Jack is, which is a great player. Jewsbury had the attribute that few players have, the ability to think three or four steps ahead of everyone else on the field. Check out photo 28 in the gallery above, the ball is up in the air and the defenders are left flatfooted. Skip ahead to photo 29 and you'll see Jack full frame in all his glory scoring the game winner with his eyes closed.

TA Threat Level (@TA_Threat), indispensable twitter account

The TA_Threat owes everything to Jack Jewsbury. As his head was wrapped up and gushing blood, we asked ourselves in that moment does he care like we do? We didn't think so. So we created a threat level so every fan and player could be told exactly which event was being blown out of proportion and to showcase how much more we care. Jack's late goal heroics and trophy winning strikes have saved the Threat Level from reaching CCL many times. (Aside from that actual CCL thing) Jack has been a hero. A legend? And a cartwheel master. We will forever miss Jack at TA threat.

Matt Hoffman (@Mhoff), Portland editor of Prost Soccer, Booked! Librarian

The head coach and captain are required to speak to the media following matches. As such, most players are quite content to clear out at the first chance they get. Not Jack. Even when the Captain's band was on a different arm, Jack always made himself available not just during the good times, but also during the tough times when he was especially illuminating. Jack always made a point of answering each question with honesty, humility, and intelligence. On a personal level, Jack is compassionate, kind, humble, always positive, and smart as all get out. I'm pretty excited to see what Jack is up to next.

Rennico Clarke (@ClarkeRennico), current T2 center back

The guy is just a phenom certainly someone who I look up to and hope to emulate a successful career such as his. Definitely a pleasure to train alongside him.

Play The Kids Podcast (@PTKpodcast), T2 podcast with Kevin McCamish (@AyrisVashu) and Josh Duder (@JoshuaRDuder)

How do you put into words what Jack Jewsbury means to this club? The man is the definition of a club legend. Like Gerrard for Liverpool, Totti for Roma, Jewsbury is a name that shall forever be linked with this club. He shall never be forgotten. His leadership and ability to will this team to results and get goals (Cascadia Cup 2013, late winners in 2015) will be sorely missed. And if he so desires, it would be amazing to see Captain Jack become Coach Jack someday.

Jeff Bull (@JeffBull5), the guy at Conifers & Citrus

Jack Jewsbury might have been the Portland Timbers’ first hero of the MLS era, but it's his second act as the guy whose name keeps slipping back into the Timbers’ starting eleven that both defines and elevates him.

Niall McCusker (@mccusk), writer at Prost Amerika

I kind of like this one I wrote after the opening game of the 2015 season - "Relegated to back-up right back last season, few would have expected Jewsbury to be an opening day starter in midfield. But just like nature in Jurassic Park "I’m simply saying that Jewsbury, uh… finds a way"."

His career has been declared over by others on numerous occasion, but he always found a way back into the first team - fitting that he gets to retire on his own terms.