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Stumptown Housekeeping: Q&A's, Contributors, and MLS Fantasy

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The start to the Portland Timbers's season is fast approaching and we are starting to get into the swing of things around here at Stumptown Footy. However, there are plenty of things that slip through the crack that we have intended or wanted to do. So, let's take a second to take care of three of those.


There is plenty going on around the Portland soccer scene. The Timbers are starting off the season in just a handful of days, T2's preseason is underway, and the Thorns are in the midst of a comprehensive rebuild that has plenty of potential for the 2016 season.

With all that going on there is plenty to wonder about, so send us your questions about the state of the Timbers. Leave a question in the comments, hit us up on Twitter, or reply to our post on Facebook; we'll collect your questions and look to answer them in a piece later this week.


We have the basics squared away around these parts, but we could always use some more flavor here at Stumptown Footy.

Want to be the Stumptown Footy Fantasy Futbol Czar? Make game-day posters for the matches? Break down stats? Shoot Thorns or T2 games? Let us know right here.

We might not be able to pay you, and we can't always guarantee you access or a press pass, but if you are like us and just can't help but write/talk/create/whatever about the Timbers then drop us a line.

MLS Fantasy

We have not been on top of the whole Fantasy thing this year, but there is still time to join a league!

If you are looking to join up with your fellow Portlanders, check out the Soccer Made in Portland league on MLS Fantasy. The league code is 10033-2407; just sign in, build your team, and find your way to "join private league" to punch in the code.