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SFPI NWSL Power Rankings (Week of Oct 1)

Final 2017 Edition

Match Gallery: Portland Thorns vs. Western New York Flash

Final NWSL Regular Season Rankings are here! And despite finishing the season 2 points shy of the NWSL shield, your 2017 NWSL SFPI Regular Season Champions are... THE PORTLAND THORNS! Thanks to a convincing home win against Chicago coupled with a last second home loss by the Courage, Portland ends the season on top of the power rankings and have to be considered the favorites to take home their second NWSL Title.

Without further ado here are the rankings.



100% determined by on the field results that is made up of the following sub components

PPG Score: Overall Points Per Game added to PPG over last five, with your last five matches given more weight. It is the single largest component of the SFPI.

Goal Difference Per Game: Overall Goal Difference divided by Games Played.

Home/Away Bonus: Bonus Points awarded for earning results (W/D) on the road, points deducted for dropping results (D/L) at home, accrues over entire season.


Average Performance Score of all of a teams opponents to date, accounts for road games by adding a percentage of a teams home points per game to performance score for that match. Weighted at less than 100%


Performance Score is added to Strength of Schedule to determine a teams Total Score. Teams are then ranked in order from highest to lowest.

(**Clinched Playoff Spot)

1 **PORTLAND THORNS (47pts 14W-5L-5D) SCORE: 10.5797 (+0.0456) PREV: 1 (NC) H1/L3


LAST WEEK W 3-1 vs Chicago

2 ** NORTH CAROLINA COURAGE (49pts 16W-7L-1D) SCORE: 9.3452 (-0.841) PREV: 2 (NC) H1/L2


LAST WEEK: W 4-0 at Houston, L 3-2 vs Orlando

3 **ORLANDO PRIDE (40pts 11W-6L-7D) SCORE: 9.29 (+0.5588) PREV: 3 (NC) H2/L3


LAST WEEK: W 3-2 at North Carolina

4 **CHICAGO RED STARS (39pts 11W-7L-6D) SCORE: 8.5729 (-0.1423) PREV: 4 (NC) H4/L6

SCHEDULE: 3 (+2)

LAST WEEK: L 3-1 at Portland

5 SEATTLE REIGN (34pts 9W-8L-7D) SCORE: 6.9824 (+.08213) PREV: 6 (+1) H4/L7

SCHEDULE: 5 (-3)

LAST WEEK: W 3-2 vs at Washington

6 FC KANSAS CITY (31pts 8W-9L-7D) SCORE: 6.3975 (-0.8514) PREV: 5 (-1) H4/L6


LAST WEEK: D 1-1 vs Houston

7 SKY BLUE FC (33pts 10W-11L-3D) SCORE: 5.7664 (+0.6178) PREV: 7 (NC) H6/L7

SCHEDULE: 6 (-2)

LAST WEEK: W 4-3 at Boston

8 HOUSTON DASH (24pts 7W-14L-3D) SCORE: 1.9563 (-0.9932) PREV: 8 (NC) H8/L8

SCHEDULE: 4 (+2)

LAST WEEK: L 4-0 vs North Carolina D 1-1 at Kansas City

9 BOSTON BREAKERS (19pts 4W-13L-7D) SCORE: 1.9558 (-0.7016) PREV: 9 (NC) H9/L10

SCHEDULE: 2 (+1)

LAST WEEK: L 4-3 vs Sky Blue

10 WASHINGTON SPIRIT (19pts 5W-15L-4D) SCORE: 1.5816 (-0.6627) PREV: 10 (NC) H9/L10


LAST WEEK: L 3-2 vs Seattle


It is all set, Portland will host Orlando on Saturday Oct 7 at 1230pm while North Carolina will host Chicago on Sunday Oct 8 at 1230pm. The winners will face off in Orlando on Saturday October 14 at 130pm for the NWSL Title.

Thank you to everyone who has indulged this little hobby of mine this season, from the editors here at Stumptown Footy to those of you who read and comment on my rankings. I hope to have some new features that I will try out next year, including NWSL predictions. Until then, the SFPI will continue as we hit the last weeks of the MLS regular season. See you there, and in 2018!