Tips on going to a Timbers game

Later in August I will be attending the Timbers game versus the Galaxy. While I have season tickets for the Thorns, this will only be my second Timbers game ever. I'm quite excited and have gotten much more into soccer over the past two years (and my first game last year got me hooked). Hopefully the Timbers will be back in their top form by then and it will be a good game.

Since this is only my second game, I won't exactly know how to get the most enjoyment out of the game. I just wanted to write a fan post to ask all you Timbers fans who regularly go to games what are some things that I should do to get more out of the game day experience. I know my way around Providence Park, but not for Timbers games.

Our last dilemma is deciding where to sit. Since this will be my only game this year, would it be better to try and sit in Timbers Army and getting that electric experience, or should I get a seat thats actually guaranteed where I could observe the craziness in the North End.

Any suggestions or things that I should know would be very helpful. I am so excited to go and hopefully see the Timbers kick the snot out of that Galaxy team. Until then, let's hope that they can stay near that red line.

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