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Match Recap: Portland Thorns 1-1 Angel City

The Thorns grab a last-gasp draw on the road at Angel City

Shelby Hogan stopping a penalty
Shelby Hogan stops the penalty
Thorns FC

In a match with lots of absences, Portland Thorns traveled to sunny California to face Angel City FC. An early goal by Angel City put the Thorns to chase the result for more than 90 minutes and a late, late goal by Yazmeen Ryan leveled things up, ending the game in a draw.

The starting XI featured a lot of players who haven’t had the chance to start in the regular season so far, so it was going to be interesting to see what this young squad was capable of.

Before we could get settled, a penalty kick was awarded to Angel City after a foul made by Kelli Hubly over Tyler Lussi. That golden opportunity gave to the hosts the early lead. Shelby Hogan proved how good she is at stopping PKs when she did so with Savannah McCaskill’s shot but the striker took the rebound and put it in the back of the net.

3’ Penalty awarded to Angel City. Savannah McCaskill buries it after the initial stop made by Shelby Hogan.

4’ After a corner, Kelli Hubly gets a shot but misses by inches.

7’ Curling shot by Angel City and Hogan gets the ball.

9’ Give away by McCaskill. Hina Sugita recovers the ball and shoots but it goes wide.

15’ Hina Sugita’s cross connects with Yazmeen Ryan but Haracic makes the save and sends the ball to the corner.

Nervy minutes from Portland that can’t get the ball away from its box.

26’ Great cross by Marissa Everett that connects with Hannah Betfort’s head but her header goes high.

31’ Jun Endo shoots but Hogan has it under control.

34’ Great cross by Sugita but it can’t connect with Everett and the referee calls a foul on the forward.

37’ Hannah Betfort gets a free kick for Portland near Angel City’s box.

38’ Ryan takes the free-kick and it goes inches over the crossbar.

The first half ended with both teams losing balls in the midfield and with none of them taking advantage of it.

The second half brought the opponents trying to double the lead but to no avail thanks to Shelby Hogan’s saves.

54’ Angel City knocking on the door with two shots by Taylor and Nabet. Hogan saves both.

63’ Substitution: Morgan Weaver enters for Hannah Betfort.

67’ Klingenberg takes the shot but it goes straight to Haracic gloves.

70’ Substitutions: Olivia Moultrie enters for Everett and Madison Pogarch for Meghan Klingenberg.

74’ Taylor Porter gets some medical treatment due to a cramp.

82’ Weaver takes the shot inside the box but Nielsen covers it well and sends the ball to the corner.

87’ Madison Pogarch gets a yellow card.

90’ Natalie Beckman gets a yellow card.

Six minutes were added in stoppage time.

95+1 GOAL! Madison Pogarch sends a cross and Yazmeen Ryan header level things up in the dying seconds of the game.

Despite the goal, Portland’s first half was better than the second when the team couldn’t find good connections and create much trouble for Angel City. This young squad did well in general and proved they never give up. getting the draw in the last minute. This is a valuable point to build on for what’s coming in the following weeks.

The next game will be a good test to see what this team truly can do when they visit OL Reign in Lumen Field on Sunday 10 at 3 PM PT.