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It is essential to prevent your air conditioner from losing efficiency to increase the lifespan of your system. Did you know that an air conditioning system without regular maintenance loses about 5% of its efficiency yearly? How can you prolong your AC unit operating at optimal efficiency and get the most out of your investment? You can do it by spotting minor issues before they develop into more severe problems. Examining the AC system for any anomalies or inconsistencies and fixing them as soon as possible are all parts of HVAC maintenance. Resolving minor issues as soon as they arise can keep your AC unit operating at peak efficiency and increase its lifespan.

An AC system without routine maintenance is susceptible to breakdown. At Pioneers Heating and Air, we can help you to have a healthy AC system that will operate more efficiently. We are a leading air conditioner repair and maintenance service provider in South Pasadena. Call us at (626) 217-0559 to arrange a no-cost consultation!


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