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Offseason Rumor and Speculation Open Thread

Heard a rumor? Post it here. Want to speculate? Speculate away.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

You wanted a place to talk offseason rumors? You got it.

Use the comments below to share any rumors, speculation, hearsay, tittle-tattle, dirt, buzz, scuttlebutt, or general gossip that you might come across.

So, if you have your ear to the ground, pass along what you have heard below.

Of course, you might want to let us all know just how likely the rumor seems. We could use what I am calling the "Essien-Kwarasey Scale", where-in an extremely unlikely rumor would land on the "Essien" end of the scale while an almost certain signing would fall toward the "Kwarasey" end.

Speaking of which, here are the two four major rumors surrounding the Timbers to date this offseason:

1. "Crazy Talk: Michael Essien to the Portland Timbers"

2. "Rumor: The Portland Timbers Sign Goalkeeper Adam Larsen Kwarasey"

3. "Portland Timbers Pay Alvas Powell's Transfer Fee"

4. "Report: Nat Borchers Traded to the Portland Timbers"