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Game Flow: Portland Salvages a Point on the Road

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The Portland Timbers earned a point on the road after a conceding the first goal.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Opening Whistle - Davies' Goal: The New England Revolution looked to get the ball into their attacking half as fast as possible. The Portland Timbers was trying to do the same but neither team was able to create any chance and the game felt a little bit like a ping pong match with the ball bouncing back and forth on the pitch. Neither team had long spells of possession and it showed in the lack of chances created by either team and the lack of rhythm made for a boring game to watch. Then out of no where the Revolution found the back of the net on what seemed like a broken play.

Davies' Goal - Half Time:When Portland concedes the first goal they usually wake up and start to play a little better. In this case it was the team who had forgotten how winning tastes who started to smell blood in the water. The Revolution created a few more chances just after their goal. It wasn't until 5 minutes later that Portland started to pick it up but it was only for a few minutes as they couldn't sustain the possession and the attacks. The revolution were clogging the passing lanes and this starved the attacking 5 of quality balls and time on the ball. With the attack lacking some teeth the chances were coming at a premium and if they did come Portland needed to take advantage but when Diego Valeri was 1v1 with the keeper he was not able to convert it.

Restart - 60': The start of the second half played much like the first half with very few chances created by both teams and the ball moved back and forth between the boxes. The Timbers looked discombobulated and New England looked like they were content to take what the Timbers gave them and not over commit and open themselves up for the equalizer.

60'- 65': Two substitutions helped give Portland a burst of energy and to start ramping up the pressure for their first goal. Maximiliano Urutti and Darlington Nagbe were inserted to bring creative juices and a harassing high pressure. However neither one played a part in Portland netting the equalizer. Liam Ridgewell intercepted a pass right at the center stripe and dribbled almost uncontested into the box. Liam looked up and he looked like he was trying to pass but everyone stopped and no defender approached him so he took the shot and it was a beauty.

65'- 90': After Ridgewell's goal the Timbers energy raised and they continued to press for the game winning goal. They thought they had it but Gaston Fernandez was ruled to be in an offside position and it was called back. Portland was unable to generate the game winner and had to settle for a point on the road.


  • The Timbers looked like a team who thought they had the three points in the bag. Unfortunately it cost Portland 2 points.
  • The AR looked like he might have been 2-5 yards behind the play when Urutti Passed the ball to La Gata. This would create an illusion that La Gata was offside because of the viewing angle.
  • Great to see Darlington Nagbe back on the pitch.
  • The defense was a little lazy stepping up on the Davie's goal and it cost them.
  • This game's result just puts more emphasis on the Vancouver, Colorado and Dallas games (Although Dallas is looking really strong right now)