FA Centerbacks

It's a really nice list.

Alexander Callens (30)
Aaron Long (30)
Matt Hedges (33)

Chris Mavinga (31)
Sebastien Ibeagha (31)

Mavinga and Ibeagha don't seem like locks to slot in above Tuiloma and McGraw.

The other three would be great but will likely be pricey--prohibitively? I think MLS veteran talent in back would be really valuable--especially if Mosquera is the plan at RB. People are very high on McGraw here, with good reason. But as long as we can move on from Mabiala, I don't mind leaving him where he stands in the depth chart by adding this level of talent.

It will be interesting to watch this play out. Evender seems likely at this point. The other rumbling was a DP forward. What's going to be left in the cap for a CB? For what it's worth, there's some intriguing names at F too: Kamara and Zardes (on a redemption arc?).


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