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With Blanco and Williamson rounding back into form, I have been trying to figure out how to get our best players on the field without too much positional disruption. Since RB has been problematic and it has already been discussed that to extend his career RB might be an option for D. Chara, what do you all think of....


Moreno Blanco Y Chara

Paredes Williamson

Bravo Zuparic Tuiloma D Chara


I think it puts our best 11 on the field, the 3 mids already interchange a lot and depending on the opponent, D Chara could even slide forward and let Williamson push forward. It puts Williamson between Paredes and D Chara for a bit more defensive coverage, but maintains a pretty talented offensive line up.

I have not completely given up on Van Rankin, but I think a change is needed. I watched Bonilla in person at the T2 game and was not overly impressed but he is still young and T2 minutes will help him. Mabiala is a solid backup/rotation option and I think the Tuiloma/McGraw combo could be a solid pairing for the future. Loria,Ayala, Asprilla and Fochive are solid rotation players and I think Mora starts when he is fit again. I think we have a lot of solid parts and pieces, but a fresh deployment might be useful.

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