MLS Ties Record

After a demoralizing game last night, I spent too much time studying the western conference standings. On one hand, the Timbers have not lost in 10 straight matches. On the other, they have tied 6/10 and continue to leave pivotal points on the table (especially at home) against western conference opponents.

Through 25 games the Timbers have managed to tie 12 of them. That is three more ties than any other team so far this year. It also puts them on pace to tie 16 games this season, one shy of the MLS record. The other frustration with these results is that the first tiebreaker in the standings is total wins. This means that should the Timbers finish even on points with another western conference team, they would surely lose the seeding tie breaker due to fewer total wins. Let's hope that the boys can start to pickup more wins down the stretch and finish in form heading into the playoffs. RCTID!

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