Player thoughts after 3 games....

I'll break this into three groups:


Yimmi Chara... I'm beginning to wonder if this is his team now. (see Blanco)

Parades... Looks good (see Ayala)

Zac Mcgraw... not at all a finished product, but he's shown me enough that I would focus on him getting time and I think it alleviates the Timbers need to go get another young centerback.

Rasmussen. Not enough playing time to really say. But I like his confidence and so far so good.

Ayala.. very small sample size.. But so far so good. What in the world are the Timbers going to do when Ayala is up to speed and Williamson comes back? Given the lack of forwards, I'm beginning to wonder if a 4-3-3 makes sense.


Moreno. I think Moreno is playing to fit into the system now and as a result he doesn't look as good yet. Give him time.

Diego Chara. Steady, solid. No issues.

Bravo. Hasn't been a great start for him, but I personally believe in Bravo so I'm putting him here.

Tuiloma. Great utililty player for the team. Glad to have him.

Not Convinced/Questions

Blanco... If anyone has more info on his knee.. please chime in. He absolutely doesn't look like his old self to me. I don't know what to think.

Niezgoda... To me, he's just a poor fit to the way the Timbers play. I think they should trade him at mid-year when (presumably) Mora is back.

Van Rankeen... I'll be surprised if he's starting at the end of the year. I imagine Bonilla has some type of knock as I haven't even seen him on the bench.

Ivacic... Sadly, I just don't see it. He doesn't seem confident, he doesn't control the box, no creativity on distribution. Decent shot blocker.

Some random thoughts:

1) The formation question above... we have lots of good midfielders and wingers, pretty short on forwards.

2) Timbers seem to have done better lately in the draft. (McGraw, Rasmussen, Gutierez). Or is it just a moment in time?

3) Blanco/10 role is the biggest question to me. I just have no idea if he's going to be the same player. If not, we need a 10.

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