Timbers To Sign New Striker Within Next 24 hrs - GW

This will become obsolete very quickly if GW is to be believed

I'm one of the 3-5-2 advocates. But I very much doubt gio will go that direction.

For the people that don't care to read the article, here are some points from the article

  • Not an under-22 initiative signing

  • According to Gavin, "The number nine we are signing right now is somebody that can be in quick, it's somebody that can join the club immediately, and is someone that won't have a long transition period." Seems like a semi-panic signing to me. Seems like a bit of a gamble.

  • Mora set to return in late June

  • GW plans on him being a depth piece, and not an immediate starter (but with the crisis, they likely will start soon)

I feel like Niezgoda is going to be the biggest loser from this if Gio plays a dysfunctional 4-2-3-1. depending on if they can provide good service, I think Niezgoda might be able to thrive in a 3-5-2. Not a big GW guy, but I hope this player will be a good piece of business, and put our poor form to rest. Also I believe in Ikoba so I hope he can get some meaningful minutes soon. We used to be stacked at ST, now we have one of the worst attacks in the league. Hope that changes soon.

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