Savarese to FC Venezia?

Didn't see anyone else comment on this, so I'll post it.

According the The Oregonian's coverage of the Timbers' 2-0 defeat to Philadelphia, recently-relegated (to Serie B) Italian club F. C. Venezia has interest in Timbers' coach Gio Savarese. When asked about it by The Oregonian, Gio's response was essentially... no comment.

I suppose it's a good thing if your coaches leave of your own accord rather than being fired, but I could see why this might be a tempting offer for Gio. He's half-Italian and speaks the language fluently; and while MLS overall is probably stronger than Italy's second division, Venezia would have to be assumed to be one of the favorites to earn promotion back to Serie A. And given the current situation in Portland, now might be the best time to make a move, before he takes the fall for the current sorry state of the team.

Obviously, having to find a new coach mid-season would not be ideal; as I would assume that Venezia would want their new coach in place by the start of the 2022-23 season. If Savarese were to leave, would the Timbers be better with an interim coach until next winter? Or should they try to find a full-time replacement ASAP?

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