SMIP Gio interview (RB coming, it seems)

Soccer Made in Portland is back (I just recently learned this) with Ryan Clarke of the O and old friend Chris Rifer. This week Ryan interviewed Gio. Whether or not you think he's good or the right coach at this point, the guy gives really great press. I always appreciate his interview. But, you know, John Spencer also did well in interviews.

Go listen wherever. Or here:

Anyway my takeaways:

  • He said specifically they will add a right back in the break. Obviously things could break down, but he spoke assuredly. I believe he said 'old' but I may be wrong there. Sounds like a veteran to me, but we'll see.
  • He didn't mention any other positions specifically where they are looking for help, or talk about any sexy big signing possibilities we might hope for and seem to need. He did say they will look to possibly add others with the RB. I would have liked to hear some possibility of adding to the attack.
  • It was odd that he mentioned all the injuries and players coming back, including Mora many times, but didn't mention Niezgoda. This could very well be nothing. But as internet sports fans it is our duty to blow it up.
  • I thought his analysis of the play was pretty good. He says the intensity hasn't been there, and believes the fact that we've been in most games may be part of this. It just hasn't produced any edge like getting embarrassed might. He was far more critical of the defense than the offense, which is fair. But he didn't seem down on the offense as he could (should?) have been.
  • In response to Yimmi fading, he said this may be in part because he's been moved all over the field. I hadn't considered this much. But with less red cards, a stronger defense, and a more consistent/better attack where he has a clearer role, maybe he turns it around. I could buy it. I certainly hope so.
  • His defense of Asprilla's play wasn't as robust. But he did praise him.

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