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Portland Timbers Training Quotes and Notes:

The Timbers held a closed practice at their Beaverton training facility today. Practice started off tense and somewhat discombobulated as Gavin Wilkinson introduced some new drills under a cloudy sky, with striker Kris Boyd looking fed up with his teammates inability to grasp the drills which emphasized making runs and one-two passes. However, after practice reopened the skies had cleared up and the team sounded to be in good spirits, joking around and yelling at each other.

At one point, while a number of players were practicing their crosses and finishing after practice, Troy Perkins yelled over to Brent Richards, asking him if he ate a lot of salmon growing up. When Richards said that he had, Perkins replied that he jumped like one. Richards responded by rocketing a bicycle kick into the back of the net.

Missing again from practice was Eric Brunner who continued to work his way back to fitness in the gym.

Jose Adolfo Valencia was back out on the field today, doing some jogging before heading inside to continue his workout.

I am going to have to cut this one short folks as I have to get to work. If I get a chance this evening I will update it with some quotes from Rodney Wallace and Troy Perkins.