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Rumor: Reports are pointing to Caleb Porter as next Head Coach

This will more than likely be correct, as signs have been pointing to Caleb Porter being the lead candidate for the job, but we're still calling it a rumor. Here is what we know right now.

There was a tweet a week ago from Steven Goff, which broke the news that Porter and the Portland Timbers were in talks:

We then started hearing other rumblings about one last interview from Gavin Wilkinson. The following is a quote from Gavin concerning the coaching search:

It is going very well. We will finalize one more interview in the next week and be in a position where we will be able to make a decision. At the moment there are some candidates that had risen to the top and one that we feel would be right for the organization. We are honestly hopeful to be able to make a decision in the near future.

More after the jump.

We did not hear anything until today when GCA sent out this tweet and then an article.

I then tried to pry some information out of Merritt Paulson and got "Good job, Good Effort" as well as the information that Timbers fans will not have to wait long for an announcement on the head coach. Merritt's message to me was:

Shouldn't have to wait long. Maybe wed/thurs

So there you have it. All the information we have concerning who is reported to be the Timbers next Head Coach.