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Starting to Get Impatient? December is Always a Busy Month

The end of the year always heralds a flood of moves in MLS and this year should be no different. With the usual Re-entry Draft and the unusual Expansion Draft coming up soon, we could see some action in the next several weeks.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

At the end of 2013, the Portland Timbers got busy soon after their season ended, adding Jorge Villafana through a trade and Steve Zakuani by moving up in the expansion draft. Despite the strong finish in 2013, ending the season on top of the Western Conference and making the Western Conference Finals in the playoffs, the two moves were the start of significant changes to the roster outside of the starting XI.

This year there has been a much longer wait for action here in Portland with the Timbers having missed out on an additional month of play after falling short of the final playoff berth in the West.

There have been rumors of new players on the horizon, of course, but the prospect of Michael Essien coming stateside being hinted at in the Italian press and some vague tweets from a variety of sources, often sock-puppets, are far from compelling.

Luckily for those waiting with bated breath for something to happen, chances are good that the Timbers will make at least one move in the upcoming month.

In December of 2013, teams in MLS brought on board an average of just over one and a half new players each. The majority of the movement at the end of last year centered around the Re-entry draft, the same time frame that saw the Timbers make two additions of their own as well as shipping out around half of their roster by declining the options of or trading away a number of players.

December of last year only saw three teams stand pat: the Montreal Impact, who befuddlingly only brought in two players during the offseason, the San Jose Earthquakes, and the Vancouver Whitecaps. On the other end of the spectrum were D.C. United and the Seattle Sounders, two teams that built a significant portion of their team for 2014 during that December, bringing in a total of eleven new players during the month between the two teams.

Things will be happening and, with the Expansion Draft in the mix as well this year, they will be happening soon.