MLS mediocrity and Zlatan Ibra.

We all saw the Zlatan action last week:

Few things:

1. Premeditation: Notice how he took a peek and knew the player was there = premeditation. Notice he doesn't even contact the ball, he had no interest in contacting the ball

2. Attitude: Notice his attitude at the end of the game, and no apology

3. Consequences to the affected player: He significantly affected the career of a colleague. El-Munir will be out for months, may need to use a mask the rest of his career.

4. Media response: B McBride from ESPN, for example, argued Ibra should only get 2 days suspension because semi-quoting: he only wanted to do some damage, not that amount of damage.

5. League attitude: A letter of concern

In contrast, look at Javi Navarro's elbow on Juan Arango.

he received a 5 game suspension and a huge fine. Keep in mind:

1. Premeditation: Navarro argued he protected himself from a head to head collision, that it was a reaction, not premeditation. You be the judge

2. Attitude: Look at Navarro's concern. He visited Arango in the hospital. He apologized publicly

3. Consequences to the affected player: Far less... Arango was out the game for a month

4. Media response: Other than his own club, the whole Spanish League, fans, teams, players and media went against Navarro for months. He was booed constantly and his career affected by the incident. A far more robust response to hold Navarro accountable.

5. League attitude: 5 game suspension (note, longest ever in that league is 8) and a huge fine

We are in diapers. At least I will get to see Ibra's great talent this Saturday and will have the chance to let him know how I feel about his character. I hope others do too. MLS is in diapers—follow the money.

PS: To B McBride: So in turn, I could go to your house and punch you in the face, and if you happen to die, I should not be charged with murder because that wasn't my intention?

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