STH - Account Credit Lost

Hello Timbers Family,

I have a strange scenario on my hands and would like others' input before going to the FO. So, I admit, I'm in the wrong here, but I'm hoping I might have a case for an appeal given the circumstances.

We all know how this year turned out for STH's and capacity scheduling. Three games into the season, the league or Portland decided to open the stadium to full capacity and credit back STH for three games. Yes, we were sent many emails about this policy change, no excuses.

Now, here's where I'd like to ask for extenuating circumstances - I manage four seats for our family company. We've been STH since 2011 and have been fans since the early '80s. My father, and owner of the family company, was diagnosed with stage-four terminal cancer around March (the same time frame the Timbers changed the seating policy). During that time I moved into my fathers role, managing over 50 employees and tending to family estate planning should he not make it. Now, perhaps miraculously, he and his medical team beat cancer, and he is in remission.

The last phone conversation with our season ticket rep in the January time frame (the last of many phone call updates I'd received) was that this season would be credited to my account, and I could roll over that credit to the 2022 season. So I had been operating on the impression that would be the case, and then with the massive change on the home life/business front, checking my personal email was of minimal priority for me.

When I finally became aware of the situation, when my credit card was billed for play-off tickets, I talked with my new season ticket rep and asked about the credit. He said the best they could do in a rare situation was a $50 per seat credit to the team store. I can't help but feel like a number with that reply. I'd like to think they could find something else to lessen the blow.

Again, I fully admit this was my mistake. A costly mistake, but my mind was elsewhere for the better part of the year. In the end, if $2,400 is all I lost this year, that only hurts my wallet when my losses could have been so much more. Beyond that, do you think this is worth asking the FO to reinstate my credit?

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