August... as many as 8 games!!!!

There are currently 7 games on the schedule with a potential US open Cup August 27 or 28 to be added.


I'm loving that the Timbers seem to have enough talent and a consistent system that a number of different people can start... but that's still a lot of games.

Here's a quick look.

Aug 4 and 7.. @ Minn I personally would give a little on the lineup on the 4th to win the US open semi on the 7th. But Gio seems to do a good job of tailoring the lineup to the individual tactics so who knows what tradeoffs he'll make.

Aug 10... Vancouver... Again, I'd probably give a little on this game to optimize the 7th.

Aug 14... Chicago... Gives us options I guess of how to approach.

Aug 18... Atlanta... I'd guess the Timbers will approach this with a first tier lineup. Want to show Atlanta they can beat them. Particularly if Atlanta beats Orlando in the semi final earlier in the month.

Aug 23... Seattle... This will be a war as usual.

Aug 27 or 28... Open Cup Final at Atlanta or at Orlando if we get this far.

Aug 31... RSL.

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