Very interesting Articles about Tech in MLS

There are two that talk about technology and MLS and one focuses on the Timbers and what they are doing.

Here is the first one. It basically says that since soccer games are going to be 2 hours no matter the result MLS is not focusing on all the gimmicks the other major leagues are doing in the US to keep fans interested. They don't want to take eyes off the field. Merritt is interviewed and some quotes in it.

The second one is very interesting. The Portland Timbers have hired a 15 person Sport Science team to obtain and then analyze data. They are on the leading edge of this and have gotten a lot of data back from it. I think because of all the stuff they are doing the players themselves are looking better on the field and it is a major reason why the team looked fresh at Seattle even though it was the 5th game in 14 days.

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