Off Season Plan-Post Press Conference

If you didn't see, Gio & GW just had their end of season press conference. Quick highlights:

  • Flores & Duvall had their options declined and won't be back
  • Working to bring Mora back
  • Expect Seba early season, Jaro mid-season
  • Have two players on their way out
  • Looking for depth in fullback and a young CB
  • Bringing back Mabiala
  • Targeting a player who would be top 5 in MLS at their position
Let the speculation begin! I imagine Conechny (not good enough) and JeffJeffJeff (too expensive to carry 3 first team capable keepers) are on their way out. I would be fine if Polo were gone as well. I still think Loria could be good, but I would be fine if he were gone. I think Bravo is the fullback coming in and could the top 5 player they referenced.

I don't know if those moves are enough to nudge the needle. I think we need a solid understudy for Valeri, unless they view the 10 as Williamson's long term home.

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