Timbers on pace to shatter a dubious record *5/20 second edit for numbers update*

Yellow card accumulation as a team is a bizarre stat, but one that has been tracked since the birth of MLS. Currently the 2018 edition of the Colorado rapids hold the crown at 90, a tidy 2.64 yellows per game.

**Astrisk section below is previous notes**

I was first drawn to this topic after our first few games had us collecting yellows like they were beanie babies in the 90s. While the pace has dipped, 13 games in we are still well on pace for a league record. The numbers sit at; 40 yellows in just 13 games, good for an average of 3.07 per game and most in the league thus far. At this pace the team would break the record by 14+ yellows.

We may not be great this year, but we are on pace to go down in league history none-the-less.

A league wide revisit also show that eight teams are still on pace to break the former record as well. Seems like this early season trend is looking to remain.

**My initial post was after game 3, where we were on pace for 4 YC per game. That has tailed off at this point, and we are now sitting just over 3 per game (3.2ypg) after 5 played. This is still on pace for well over the record (at nearly 109) and the record will be tied if we average 2.55ypg here on out.

This is still a very curious pace we are on though as it's pointed out in the comments, the entire league seems to be getting hit with the frequent yellow card (as of this writing there are actually 10 teams on pace to top '18 Colorado). Does this continue as a new normal or will things settle back in? Ill be back later on to revisit this topic.**

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